Office Coffee Evolution: The Clever Coffee Dripper

A man works on his computer, with a cup of coffee ready to drink.

…I ran into an option that peaked my interest.

When I last wrote about my evolving office coffee experience, I told you how my love affair with the Aeropress was winding down.

Truth be told, I still love the Aeropress. I cannot think of a brew method that allows more flexibility in how you brew a cup of coffee than the Aeropress.

However, the Aeropress does require more effort to brew and more cleanup than some other options.  It was simply no longer an option for my morning cup of coffee at the office.

As I visited with more and more of the staff here, I began to notice a trend: small drip coffee makers sat perched in a number of offices.  Given how bad the office coffee is here, I had to admit to myself that this might be my best option.  Some good beans with some decent water would put me light-years ahead of the gruesome brew stinking up the kitchen.

Still, the coffee geek in me thought that if I was buying something new for the office, maybe there was an option that could out-perform the drip makers, without the hassle of the Aeropress.  Like all self-respecting geeks, I spent a little time researching my options.  Since I’d already been down this path before, I had a big head start.

I knew that a typical pour-over was out.  While I love coffee poured through devices like the Kalita Wave, I knew that I couldn’t justify sitting at my desk, dutifully pouring water through beans.  The automatic pour over by Bodum was an interesting option, as was the “Its American Press“.

As I searched for quick and easy ways to brew a great cup of coffee, I ran into an option that peaked my interest.

…set the device on your mug.  Done.

I read online reviews, watched a few videos, and spoke with Charles about the Clever Coffee Dripper.  We didn’t have the Clever Coffee Dripper for sale yet at The Wright Cup, but I had enjoyed coffee from one before.

A year or so ago, when he was in town visiting, Charles brewed several cups of coffee with his Clever Coffee Dripper.  I remember enjoying the coffee that he brewed, but at that time, I didn’t pay a lot of attention to the brew method.  I was satisfied with my coffee rituals, and wasn’t looking to add anything to my repertoire.  Much more interesting to me then, was the aroma and taste of the delicious Ethiopian and Colombian brews that he was handing out.

Ultimately, it was the Clever Coffee Dripper that drew my search to an end.

5 Reasons Why The Clever Coffee Dripper Is A GREAT Option For Office Coffee:

  1. Cleanup:  With the Clever Coffee Dripper, you simply toss the grounds and filter into the trash.  You’ll want to rinse the device, but that can be conveniently timed with your next walk by the kitchen.
  2. Simplicity:  Not only is cleanup easy, but the whole brew method is easy.  Simply put a filter and ground coffee into the Clever Coffee Dripper, add hot water, let it sit for a few minutes, and then set the device on your mug.  Done.
  3. Time:  If you recall my previous post, the problem I was having with the Aeropress was that I was spending too much time away from my desk.  The Clever Coffee Dripper requires just a little more hands-on effort than a drip coffee maker.  And when done at your desk, the difference is minimal.
  4. GREAT Taste:  Charles once described coffee brewed in the Clever Coffee Dripper as tasting like a clean French Press.  I couldn’t agree more.  The coffee is full-bodied with rich flavor, but without the sediment often found in a cup of French Press.
  5. Customize Your Cup:  While the manufacturer does give suggested grind size and brew times, you can use just about any grind size and brew time that you want.  I’ll write about it more when I discuss How-To-Brew with the Clever Coffee Dripper, but this is great news if you like to fine-tune your brewing methods.

I can honestly say that the only detraction that I’ve found to the Clever Coffee Dripper, is that it doesn’t fit on some coffee mugs with really wide mouths.

I’ve been using the Clever Coffee Dripper at least once a day for over a month, and it was absolutely the right choice for me.

How much do I like the Clever Coffee Dripper?  For the first couple weeks, I brought my kit home with me on the weekends.  After that, I just went ahead and ordered a unit for home.


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