Relax and have a cup of coffee!

A man relaxes with a cup of coffee

This year, I’m committed to finding moments to pause… and relax

As I sit here this morning, I can feel the pressure mounting.

It’s here again:  the Christmas shopping season, and all the busyness that the Holidays bring.

It’s the time of year where we get lost in endless preparation and gift buying… and sometimes wonder why we spend all the time and money.

It doesn’t help that this year, I’m right smack in the middle of buying and selling a home.  Yeah, probably should have timed that a bit better.


… a coffee break can really help me reset

While the payoff of the Holiday festivities is well worth all the fuss, maybe the windup does not have to be that bad.  Maybe we can find some relief from the stress.

We often think about how coffee can give us that boost to help us power through the day, or even through Christmas shopping.  But I also find that taking a 10 minute break to pause, and sit with a hot cup of coffee, can be the perfect remedy for a busy schedule.

Whether I’m looking for a respite from work, or a reprieve from running between tasks, a coffee break can really help me reset.  Taking a moment during my workday to enjoy a cup from my Clever Coffee Dripper, or stopping by a great local coffee shop, like Telemetry Coffee Roasters, can pull me out of all the busyness.

This year, I’m committed to finding moments to pause, get a cup of coffee, and relax.  Even if for only for a few minutes.

So whether you’re shopping for presents, hanging Christmas lights, or preparing the house for guests… try to find some time to relax with a great cup of coffee this Holiday season!


2 thoughts on “Relax and have a cup of coffee!

  1. Sandra says:

    Sounds like you have a lot on your plate! I love my coffee and especially sharing it with my boys who have become quite the connoisseurs of the beverage as well. My Keurig gets a workout every day. It’s amazing how such a simple drink brings a family together as we pause to enjoy our coffee and talk about our plans for the day. Does using the Third Wave Water in the Keurig work as well if you have a water filter in the machine, or should I remove the filter? XXOO

    • charles says:

      Hi Sandra! Yes, Third Wave Water works amazing for your Keurig as well. Be sure to purge the tank of your current water to get the best experience with your new water!

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