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The Wright Cup Channel

Here at the Wright Cup, we’ve been working on something exciting! We started The Wright Cup Channel on YouTube! …Our next project is something that we’re really excited about! A little while ago, we posted some fun holiday videos.  If you missed them, make sure to check out our Innovation Day video below.  After that, read on.  […]

Scale For Success!

A V60 on a coffee scale

If you came here in search of business advice, grab a cup of coffee and read on.  OK, I’ll admit that this article won’t directly benefit your business… but it may help you brew better coffee, which certainly can’t hurt! …the scale actually made the whole process easier. When I first bought a Clever Coffee […]

The Bonavita Electric Kettle

Front of the Banavita electric kettle

Last year I purchased a Bonavita electric kettle as part of my kit for brewing with the Clever Coffee Dripper at my desk.  I have now used this setup to brew well over 200 cups of coffee, and thought that I would pass along some thoughts on the Bonavita.  Read on to find out you […]

Relax and have a cup of coffee!

A man relaxes with a cup of coffee

This year, I’m committed to finding moments to pause… and relax As I sit here this morning, I can feel the pressure mounting. It’s here again:  the Christmas shopping season, and all the busyness that the Holidays bring. It’s the time of year where we get lost in endless preparation and gift buying… and sometimes […]

A Salute To Thanksgiving Day Coffee!

A round bail of hay sits by a fence post

As Thanksgiving rapidly approaches, most of us are thinking about extra time with friends and family, and eating ridiculous amounts of food.  If I’m being honest, I actually look more forward to the copious amounts of dessert, than the turkey. …I love how black coffee pairs with the decadent Thanksgiving desserts. It always seems that the […]

What On Earth Is Third Wave Water?

A man scoops water out of a river with a cup

  …there was one common variable.  The water. Have you ever thought about the water that you use to brew your coffee?  Considering that water makes up about 98% of a cup of coffee, it’s a little surprising that most of us don’t give water a second thought. Some of us head to the faucet, some […]

3 Reasons Why Coffee Is The Perfect Gift!

Pouring a flower design into a cup a coffee

While expressing his frustration with choosing a birthday gift for his wife, a friend of mine once mused that he didn’t understand why adults buy each other gifts. He couldn’t grasp the point of two adults exchanging gifts that were essentially of equal value. ” ‘Here’s your gift, now give me mine.’  I don’t get […]

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