About Us

About Us

Here at The Wright Cup, we get excited about all things coffee.  From finely roasted beans, to the latest brew method, we get a kick out of it all.  But nothing excites us more than sharing our passion for coffee with others.  Meet our amazing team of 3rd wave coffee drinkers, who want to help you discover great coffee!


Charles Nick
CEO & Founder

Charles Nick began his journey of discovering great coffee while working on airplanes in freezing temperatures. Coffee was a necessary ally to help him combat the cold, but it brought him little enjoyment. His career eventually took him into the office, where he came face-to-face with the dreaded office coffee.  Charles craved his morning caffeine, but the coffee was just plain bad, so a love/hate relationship with coffee was born.  After 5 years in the NASA community, he transitioned into a technical writing career working from home.  This brought him into the local coffee shops, where he quickly discovered 3rd wave coffee.  The wonderful, rich coffees that these shops were serving, opened his eyes to a whole new world of coffee.  Now, his story is about helping you discover what he discovered: the Wright Cup.

Co-Founder of The Wright Cup, Nick Rupp

Nick Rupp
CFO & CoFounder

Nick Rupp is Co-Founder of The Wright Cup and brings his love of people and service to the company’s sales efforts. Nick’s obsession with coffee began in high school while rock climbing with friends in Arkansas. From Turkish coffee (with cardamom please) to nitro cold brew, he loves all things coffee! He is a Founding Member in Douvalis Labs, LLC and Partner in Third Wave Water, LLC. Nick Rupp is the founder and executive operator of Sound Advice, LLC in Little Rock, AR where he resides with his wife and three children.


Alex Chittum
Product Manager

Alex’s odyssey with coffee started in 2012, when he found myself working in a coffee shop. He started with the frozen sugar drinks, which made him feel like one of the “cool kids” for being a coffee drinker.  However, when he realized how unhealthy they were, he switched to the Americano and discovered how amazing black coffee could taste! Eventually, the coffee shop where he worked was acquired by Peet’s Coffee & Tea. It was with Pete’s that he learned everything about coffee, starting with the plant, and going all the way to the cup. Alex wanted to try everything, so found himself thrilled every time a new coffee arrived. He was blown away by the amazing flavors, and completely fell in love with coffee. Today, one of Alex’s great pleasures is watching people enjoy coffee that he’s crafted.