Coffee subscription No. 5

Coffee subscription No. 5 includes the following:

  1. 24 lbs (or 30 or 40 - select your choice below) of local craft coffee
  2. All other items:
    1. Qty 2, 32 oz milk cleaner 
    2. Qty 1000, Paper Cups
    3. Qty 1000, Lids for paper cups
    4. 20 Gallons of Third Wave Water
    5. Sugar Packets (Splenda and Raw)
    6. Creamer Packets
    7. Wooden Stir Sticks

NOTE: The total monthly price will be reduced by any item not required (and delivered) the month of delivery. For example: if 1000 paper cup lids are not required one month, then $23 will be refunded for that item in that month. A detailed breakdown of costs are in each contract.