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Relax and have a cup of coffee!

A man relaxes with a cup of coffee

This year, I’m committed to finding moments to pause… and relax As I sit here this morning, I can feel the pressure mounting. It’s here again:  the Christmas shopping season, and all the busyness that the Holidays bring. It’s the time of year where we get lost in endless preparation and gift buying… and sometimes […]

A Salute To Thanksgiving Day Coffee!

A round bail of hay sits by a fence post

As Thanksgiving rapidly approaches, most of us are thinking about extra time with friends and family, and eating ridiculous amounts of food.  If I’m being honest, I actually look more forward to the copious amounts of dessert, than the turkey. …I love how black coffee pairs with the decadent Thanksgiving desserts. It always seems that the […]

3 Reasons Why Coffee Is The Perfect Gift!

Pouring a flower design into a cup a coffee

While expressing his frustration with choosing a birthday gift for his wife, a friend of mine once mused that he didn’t understand why adults buy each other gifts. He couldn’t grasp the point of two adults exchanging gifts that were essentially of equal value. ” ‘Here’s your gift, now give me mine.’  I don’t get […]

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